Another stinky Monday

This day was horribly long, I was/am mad tired so I had/have definitely no patience. Fortunately, everyone appeared to be in the same mood as I was so we could understand each other. Another stinky Monday, I guess.

On such days, you feel like everything goes wrong. You have the impression that the whole world is ganging up on you. You’re about to quit everything and book a flight to a nice beach, lost somewhere in the middle of an ocean  – just you and a palm tree – when you remember that you have to work, to make money and smile. SMILE. When you study communications, you know that it’s going to be part of your job but sometimes, your lips are just too lazy and you only look like a grumpy smiley that hasn’t slept enough.

The day comes to an end so you feel a bit better. You plan to go to the supermarket to quickly buy something to eat (not even a nice meal, just something to feed you because you don’t really know what to eat) and on your way, some stupid guy decides to make a U-turn in the middle of the road. Ok, you’ve got to be patient, it’s not the end of the world. But then, this retard greets you like a simili Asian with his hands joined and with the most stupid smile you’ve ever seen. Cool. All you can do is keep calm, emphasize your totally-unhappy-grumpy-moody-smiley-face while you congrat him for his amazing performance (clap clap clap).

Then, you’re finally happy to get back home after the trip to the supermarket and then you realize that a button of your shirt is open… Thanks God, nothing indecent but this little, tiny button is too much.

So, I have nothing else better to do than open a bottle of wine and wait for my – temporary – flatmate Julien while watching a fun movie and eating my pasta’s. I’m safe now at least.

Cheers & bon appétit.


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