Approved for adoption

“Approved for adoption” is the title of an amazing movie that was released in June 2012. It’s the story of Jung, a forty-year old Korean who was adopted in Belgium when he was a kid. All his life he’s been in search for his identity and he tells about his doubts, his thoughts and even his recent experience back to South Korea (not the North, guys…). Knowing where you come from, who gave you birth and why you were sent to a random country is very powerful and makes you feel complete. In some cases, Fate smiles on you and you get the chance to answer all your questions and know who you really are.

But why do I tell you all this?

Well, I had quite a shock because I was randomly wasting my time on Facebook when I landed on Molly’s Facebook profile. This woman was the contact point in Belgium between Holt, the Korean organization for adoption and the adopting parents, including mine. She’s the one who carried me in her arms even before my own parents did. She’s the one who offered me the unique chance to meet my Korean family last year and have a blast in my country of origin with a bunch of amazing Korean adoptees. But she passed away last year… It happened a couple of weeks after I came back from Korea and I’m so grateful that I had the time to share my impressions with her. I even showed her a picture of my Korean family and I. My Korean parents who are so young and beautiful. My two young brothers who look so much like me!! It was an unforgettable trip “back to the roots” and I’m so glad I met her at the right time.

Korean family

Things have changed since I’ve come back. This whole experience had an unexpected and undetectable impact on me. I just know that I feel way more concerned about the topic now…

This is the story of our lives. Constant discoveries, puzzle pieces that are put together, unforgettable memories and above all, amazing people you meet and who change a lifetime. Thank you.


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